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Hello! Welcome to Pakistani Adult Chat Rooms @ Fun Cafe. This is a clean and family chat room thus you are not allowed to use bad language. Also, no advertising, harassment or abusing in the chatroom. Racial talk is not tolerated and religious and political debates are not honored. Its a humble request to all of you that this chat room is for you, kindly consider it as your secondary home because it is a family chath room‚ . In case of any complain, suggestion and feedback you can go to our Contact Page. Thanks a bunch for Joining the Chat Room and following the rules. We wish you a Good Stay Here Thanks. Whether you are in the mood to just have a little gupshup online, or if you want to search for decent friends. Either you want to join a chat room to divert your attention from a break up that you've had or from anything that's bothering you. Pakistani Chat Room at FunCafe provides you a unique platform to indulge in a mesmerizing chat room experience where you can join in to meet people from all around the world. If you were looking for a place to find people to meet and greet, search no more as we provide you the BEST FREE ONLINE PAKISTANI CHAT ROOM services FREE of cost. With no hidden intentions, we solely are striving hard to ensure you get a FREE and CLEAN environment where you can chat with people from Pakistan and India living in their respective countries or settled all over the world.

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We at FunCafe Chat Network have designed our chat rooms to provide users a funny, lovely and friendly experience in our Pakistani Chat Room. We have got a professional and dedicated team of Dj(s)/Rj(s) available in our Pakistani Chat Room so our users can amuse themselves by requesting music on demand. Our Chat rooms' staff work hard around the clock to ensure to bring you the best of the best in terms of chat standards and quality. We strive hard 365 days a year to bring you the most entertaining and an enthusiastic radio crowd as well.

In our Pakistani Chat Rooms you will not feel left alone. Our friendly staff will greet you with smileys and emoticons, and our most of the regular users are super friendly in terms of welcoming new people. We have people from all around Pakistan in our chat rooms. People visit us from different cities in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and other major cities of Pakistan.

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Chat rooms have been the source of entertainment for a lot of people including the youth and adults. People of Pakistani Origin settled in different regions of the world gather at FunCafe as their First choice for taking their stress out and chatting with others around the world to meet new people and find genuine friends. Because these chatrooms are monitored by our sincere and active admins, chatters feel secure as we are always there to help in the chatroom in case of need.

We have created this platform to provide a fun and entertaining environment for our Pakistani people that have settled all around the world. When they feel homesick or when they want to talk to someone in their mother language, that's when they would join FunCafe, and connect to our chat rooms and entertain themselves while making new friends.

As mentioned on the about me for these Pakistani Chat Room were created to ensure quality chat. We provide support around the clock against all the ill-mannered and abusive chatters. If there's anything that you'd like to bring to our attention, feel free to talk to an admin in our chat rooms or send us an email at [email protected] or visit our Support Page

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We are a non-profit frat, striving to provide you a better place to spend your time on. We bring you the best of free online fm radio with Pakistani Chat Room. We have a dedicated radio team that works around the clock to provide you fun and entertaining live radio shows in our pakistani chat room. This Pakistani Chat Room brings you an adventurous experience. So sit back, grab your coffee and fly with us. On fun cafe, sky is the limit.